Elite Waterman Sam Moore Gives His Opinion on the No Limit Ironman Suit

“The whole suit has been developed by champion Oceanmen Glenn Clatworthy, Nick Thomas and myself. In 2012 the No Limit ironman suit came in 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the Welsh Championships. This is the suit to have if you want to race hard in British waters. With Greg Owen master wetsuit maker being local if you have a snag or tear he is on hand so you can get it repaired rapidly.”

“The way this suit is different is that it is a custom fit"

tri suit neck - front
womens trisuit upper torso

“The neck on the No Limit Tri-suits have been specifically developed to give a non restrictive feel yet ensure warmth and flexibility. This enables you to breath easier and has a less claustrophobic feel to the suit. For Oceanman racing this gives you the ability to wear the suit through all disciplines without adjusting the suit, which can save you up to 30 seconds per leg. That’s the difference between making it over a set or getting smashed by one.”

“(The) Ultrastretch mesh skin front panel ensures grip whilst paddling the board and also repels water, keeps in warmth and enables your muscles to keep compressed. This provides less fatigue.”

“This material also helps with the pull phase of your swimming stroke which enables you to pull back harder for longer.”

sam moore trisuit rear

The No Limit Ironman suit uses the best materials that are available. The seat panel of the suit employs 2.5mm super stretch double lined neoprene. This gives you grip and durability for when you paddle your ski in the ocean, so its easier to stay on your ski if you get hit by a wave. On the upper leg panels, smooth (glide) skin neoprene helps your legs float which helps to prevent fatigue in your legs during the swim so you can save the energy for the transitions and board leg.”

“The knee panels are made from 2.5mm super stretch neoprene giving you the freedom to hit the transitions hard and fast without being restricted. It also gives you grip on the board for when you’re paddling on your knees, and obviously suit durability. The calf panels are made tight with slick skin material, providing a compression which helps prevent your calfs from fatigue in the board and run disciplines. It also helps raise your legs which enables you to get your legs up and kick harder for those all important body surfing waves.”


“My coach is No Limit team rider and lifesaving legend Glenn Clatworthy. Glenn was the first person to wear a No Limit Ironman suit and dominated in it. Our training is about going long and hard, putting the efforts in at a high intensity over a long period. Our basic sessions consist of swimming, running, boxing and weight training in the winter to get us ready for the summer race season.

In the summer we put distance at the forefront of our training, getting out for 2-3 hour sessions with high intensity efforts thrown in. The sessions we do are normally separated into surf ski and Malibu board sessions. Twice a week we will do ironman sessions to work on transitions and general fitness. Towards the business end of the season we tend to shorten the sessions to work on speed on the beach and power off the start, knowing that we have done the hard work previously.

My advice for any youngster who wants to do well in the sport is to use the winter to get fit, work on your technique …. play in the surf get an understanding of waves and swell and put the effort in only you can make yourself achieve.”



sam moore trisuit front



Welsh ocean man champion 2012 & 2013

Welsh surf ski champion 2010, 2011 & 2013

Welsh surf swim champion 2013

Welsh paddle board champion 2013

Legacy elite Oceanman series champion 2011 & 2013

British surf ski champion 2012

British Oceanman 2nd place 2012

Celtic cup Oceanman champion 2010, 2011, 2012

2 X Legacy Elite Ironman champion

3 X Welsh Ironman champion

ironman suit nick thomas

One of only two people to win all water disciplines in one Welsh championship (the other being No Limit team rider Glenn Clatworthy - Left)

Only person to win all disciplines including beach and water.

Placed 5th and 6th in 2010 World Championships

Placed 2nd and 3rd in 2009 European Championships.

Represented GB in Australia, Japan, Tenerife and Germany

Represented Wales from 2001 - present

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