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wetsuit builder suits

Just follow the three easy steps below to purchase your custom designed wetsuit from No Limit Wetsuits


click on the picture on the right to open in a new window

right click and save or print if you want

use the guide below to assist in completing your measurements

1. Mid Neck (10mm above Adams apple)
2. Bottom of Neck (10mm below the Adams apple)
3. Neck to Waist (Jugular notch to belly button)
4. Top Chest (2 inches below armpit)
5. Chest (Around torso at nipple height)
6. Mid Chest (Around torso at sternum height)
7. Waist (Narrowest point)
8. Lower Waist (At belly button height)
9. Hip (Buttocks widest point)
10. Thigh (3” below crotch)
11. Knee (Across the centre of knee cap)
12. Below Knee (In between knee and calf)
13. Calf (Widest point)
14. Ankle (Narrowest Point)
15. Inside Leg (From perineum to top of ankle bone)
16. Bicep (paddling position)
17. Elbow (across the point of elbow)
18. Forearm (widest point)
19. Wrist (narrowest point)
20. Inside Arm (Outside of armpit to middle wrist line)
21. Neck to Wrist (T-shirt level to hand arm meeting point)
22. Neck to middle Crotch
Front (jugular notch)
Back (T-shirt level)
23. Neck to Neck Around Crotch (Around the front T-shirt level to the back T-shirt level)
24. Height (Measure head to toe)

Ladies Only

25. Upper Hip (Start of hip bone)

once completed either move on to step three or
come along and see Greg in person with your
completed form.

measurements form












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