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No Limit Wetsuits is owned and run by Greg Owen. Greg established No Limit Wetsuits in 1992 and has grown to become one of the most established and reputable wetsuit companies in the UK.
Greg Owen’s passion stems firsthand from his success on the Euro, UK and Welsh contest surf circuit. Greg’s main conquests include: multiple British team member; twice runner-up British Nationals; six times Welsh Champion; and current Welsh Team member. To date Greg is European Master finalist.
Greg is sponsored by Quiksilver clothing and JP surfboards.
No Limit wetsuits serves the UK from its factory in Porthcawl, South Wales where Greg resides and enjoys being part of the surf community.
No Limit’s wetsuit designs have evolved in response to the demand in progression of high performance surfing in the UK and Ireland.

Greg remains the frontman at No Limit Wetsuits to ensure your individual needs are met.


custom fit


No Limit wetsuits can guarantee a perfect fitting wetsuit. This is enabled by collecting over twenty measurements from the individual. From these measurements the suit can be sculpted to fit the individual perfectly. There will be no overly tight areas (restricting blood flow) or no baggy areas where pools of water can form. No Limit demands the waist and kidney area to be very snug so a potential pool is unable to form. Elsewhere the suit will sit on the skin with the perfect amount of neoprene tension to produce a crinkle, crease free wetsuit that’s flexible and comfortable.
Through rigorous testing No Limit has perfected designs that are suitable to ensure the wetsuits requirement can be engineered around each individual to create a prefect fit. This has enabled peak performance in our cold waters





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