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wetsuit builder suits

Please note this designer is to be used for CHEST ZIP ONLY and cannot be used for Iron Tri or Dive suits
Just follow the three easy steps below to purchase your custom designed wetsuit from No Limit Wetsuits


We have added a simple wetsuit builder to the site to help you get an idea of how your own custom fitted wetsuit designed
by No Limit will look.


Instructions for windows pc's and laptops

1 right click and save picture on the template on the right
to your machine

2 open the picture - by default this will open in MSPAINT

3 use the coulour picker icon to select one of our neoprene colours from the bottom of the picture

colour picker

4 once a colour is selected click the fill with colour icon

fill with colour

5 click once inside any panel to fill and go back to step 3 to select any alternative colours

6 once complete save the picture and your done

For mac users if you do not already have photo editing
software download a 30 day trial of adobe photoshop here

wetsuit builder template



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