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No Limit wetsuits can guarantee a perfect fitting divesuit. This is enabled by collecting over twenty measurements from the individual. From these measurements the suit can be sculpted to fit the individual perfectly. There will be no overly tight areas (restricting blood flow) or no baggy areas where pools of water can form. 
We use dive grade neoprene to ensure the neoprene doesn't compress and become thin and cold at depth . However the neoprene is lined with the worlds most modern linings to insure flexibility and warmth. Sheico is the brand of neoprene used , Neo span for flexibility , stretch factor and easy on / easy off  . For warmth the fleece like  thermo span  is employed.
All the work on the suits is carried out by Greg Owen to guarantee quality.

*Fully made to measure, custom integrated hood
system ensures the fit of the head, neck and face 
is pin point perfect allowing total flexibility and not 
hindering performance. Designed to incorporate
smooth skin neoprene for the ultimate face seal
= No flushing + total neck warmth

No limit wetsuits custom dive suits are constructed out of our top quality open cell neoprene. Open cell neoprene offers a better dive experience due to its increased flexibility and warmth in comparison to closed cell or other forms of neoprene.

*Arm inside out for illustration purposes

* Unique 15" (short) back zip Shorter back zip = more flexibility
* Water-barrier system Eliminates zip flush
* Available in 6/5.5MM 5.5/4mm, 4/3mm and 3/2.5mm
* Sheico neoprene throughout
* Double Glued and Blind Stitched construction
* Neospan (ultrastretch) neoprene (state of the art)
* Kanoko Blast proof knees
* Pre-bent knees
* Seamless shoulder and underarm panels
* Lycra or smooth skin rash free collar 
* Heat sealed taped stress areas
* 10V YKK Zipper
* Intelligent panel placement for comfort and manoeuvrability 
.* Vast choice of colour design = Unique wetsuit
* Thermo-span inside ensuring extra warmth
* Smooth skin ankle and wrist cuffs ensuring outstanding seals 
* Custom fit
* Available in front and back zip


The No Limit Dive hood is entirely compatible with the No Limit Divesuit.

The Hood can also be made to measure. £59.99




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